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Recreational Gymnastics

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The recreational gymnastic program at Kemptville Infinity follows the CanGym Badge Program developed by Gymnastics Canada. This program is a 12-level skill-based program. At each level, there are various skills that must be achieved to move onto the next level. This program is based on ability and not age.

There are approximately 30 skills per badge level. As Infinity runs a year-long program with continuous enrollment, report cards will be given in late November and May. Report cards will indicate which skills are "learning/attempted" or "mastered". In order to pass a particular badge, the athlete must master all of the elements on the report card.

Badges will be reflected in the child's report card upon completion of a level. 

These key program skills have been selected to ensure a clear progression from one badge to the next, eventually leading to the key skills that are contained in the Gold Badge.


The progressions through the coloured badges are:














Questions? Email for more information on our Recreational Gymnastic Program

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