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Frequently Asked Questions

What should my athlete wear to class?

What you wear is just as important as what you learn. Why? Safety is the biggest factor, and we want all of our athletes safe while using equipment.  Hair must be securely tied back. You should have proper gymnastics attire-- a bodysuit, or shorts and a form fitting top.   Remember--Overly loose clothing can get caught on the equipment and hinder movement.  
While at the gym, it is best to be in bare feet to provide a safe grip on equipment. NO jewelry should be worn during class, this includes anything on your wrist that may get caught in equipment.

What methods of payment do you take?

We accept credit card payments, e-transfers and cash.  All payments are + HST.

Can parents watch their child during class?

There is a parent viewing area upstairs that you can watch classes from.

Class/Level Adjustment

During our first month back to classes, we may make some adjustments to make sure athletes are in the correct level. This is done to ensure that your athlete will be getting the most out of their training while they are here and help set them up for personal success. When your athlete’s coach feels they are ready to move up a level, that can be done at any time (subject to availability) because of monthly rolling enrollment.

Payment Policy

Just a reminder that you should review the payment policy that you acknowledged when you registered which includes letting us know by no later than the 20th of the month if you WILL NOT be continuing the next month or your spot is automatically renewed and billed. This advance notice allows us to fill the spot with an other athlete from the waiting list. A copy of the payment policy is on our homepage.

Label your stuff!

Everyone forgets something once in a while! It helps all of us if your belongings are labelled with your name. This not only helps get items back to the correct person, but also helps mix-ups in the lobby with similar boots and shoes. We do have a lost and found on the shelf near the athlete waiting area, but please understand that we cannot keep items indefinitely. We will be donating any unclaimed items every month to charity.

Inclement Weather

From Heat Waves to Blizzards....When it is deemed too hot (who ever thought that would be an issue in Canada?!)  or the weather is dangerous to drive in, please be sure to check our facebook page to ensure classes are running.  We will also send out an email to notify you of any cancellations.    Kemptville Infinity will do it’s best to get the information to you... please do your part and check whenever in doubt! 

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