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About Us

...providing endless possibilities

Kemptville Infinity offers quality programming in gymnastics, cheer, ninja and more.  The core value at Kemptville Infinity is to provide a family-friendly atmosphere where all athletes in the community can grow through sport and teamwork.  


Our Values

We embrace and foster a culture of healthy and physical activity in the community by creating role models and enhancing community spirit and involvement. We provide opportunities for local athletes to participate, compete and travel throughout Ontario.

We are always seeking to find new ways to build and develop well rounded athletes who can become strong contributors and role models for the community.

Providing endless possibilities for our athletes and where everybody shines! 

Family run business, developing skills and building the community 

Our Staff

Our Facilities

​Our coaching staff are experienced in a variety of fields, including dance, cheer, gymnastics, tumbling, ninja and cirque.  All our gymnastics and cheer coaches are certified under the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). We encourage all of our coaches to pursue additional training and certifications while working at Infinity.

We are pleased to offer our community a wide range of programming including cheer (competitive and recreational), dance (competitive and recreational), gymnastics (elite and recreational), tumbling,ninja and cirque.  We also offer some adult classes.  

As a Gymnastics Ontario Facility we have a strict set of guidelines and rules that must be followed. Our coaches are NCCP trained which means  NCCP - The National Coaching Certification Program trains coaches to specific standards, so that they can guide athletes through the many challenges and opportunities of the sport experience. Coaches are evaluated by NCCP evaluators at different points in their coaching career.  NCCP Coaches get specific training in the following areas:

  • Make Ethical Decisions

  • Analyzing Performance

  • Provide Support to Athletes in Training

  • Designing a Sport Program

  • Planning a Practice

  • Managing a Sport Program

  • Supporting the Competitive Experience

Benefits of being a GO gym:

  • insurance coverage for athletes, including physiotherapy and other medical support coverage from gym injury beyond what your insurance will pay

  • strict NCCP standards for coaches and the facility ensuring development of good programming

  • specialized training for coaches and staff which will lead to more variety of ideas in the running of your child’s class and help further their growth and development as an athlete

  • opportunity to develop special needs classes, additional events and birthday parties in the new facility 

  • more access to training for spotting, safety standards managed by GO, basic and specialized training for all staff (basic training, training for trampolines which we will have in the new facility, training for competitive, training for kinder classes and more)

  • Gymnastics For All - diversification of programs for range of participants in our community and is a club’s commitment to access, equity, and inclusivity within the community

  • access to the Gymnaestrada showcase event for gymnastics participants at all levels

To become a GO member, there is a non-refundable annual fee for all participating athletes.  A $40.00 plus tax Gymnastics Ontario fee is to be paid by recreational athletes once every year upon registration (July 1st through June 30th). They cannot pro-rate the fee based on when you purchase it.  This fee is a per-participant rate, not a per-family rate.  The fee is required for participants enrolled in all gymnastics classes (parent & tot, kinder, beginner, junior, intermediate, senior gymnastics, and tumbling) as well as ninja training (previously called parkour).  

Our competitive families pay a $100 annual fee that permits them to attend competitions.  


In addition to the fees paid by families for athletes, Infinity will contribute a large financial investment every year to maintain its GO status.  This ensures that families and our facility will get all GO member services and a continued growth in our programming.  


Annual Payment: This fee is not automatically included in the class fee as it is only due annually. Going forward this will be added as a one time registration fee. 


Non-compliance by Infinity may lead to fines and sanctions against our facility by Gymnastics Ontario.



The equipment in our facility includes:


​We support local affordable opportunities for athletes to compete at home to earn future scholarship opportunities. In the development of our athletes we instill a healthy lifestyle through widespread participation in athletics and recreation.

  • spring floor

  • Tumbl Trak trampoline

  • medium trampoline

  • mini trampoline

  • T-trainer trampoline

  • climbing rope

  • junior rings

  • junior high bar

  • junior parallel bars

  • junior uneven bars

  • foam trainer vault

  • vaulting boxes

  • spring boards

gym 1.jpg
  • 3 low balance beams

  • 1 high balance beam

  • silks

  • full height asymmetric bars (uneven bars)

  • junior kip bar

  • floor mats

  • 4 incline mats of various sizes

  • various spotting and training blocks

  • crash mats

  • landing mats

  • training aids and foam blocks

  • kinder rock wall & slide

gym 2.jpg

Accessibility and Accommodations 

2 Wheelchair parking spots available, no ramp access needed to enter the building. Stairs to access the main viewing area upstairs. We can accommodate mobility limited individuals to view classes from the main floor; please speak with reception.

NG Transit can be arranged thru the Blaise App. Please speak with reception for assistance booking a ride to or from the gym for any who experience issues with mobility, lack of reliable transportation or other needs. 


2 Gender Neutral Bathrooms, including one with grab bars and space for mobility devices


Fridge upstairs is available for medication, breastmilk, insulin, etc. and available to all athletes and their families


Outlets are available at reception or the upstairs viewing room to charge medical devices or wheelchairs


We have stimulation toys, books, balls, blocks, coloring pages etc available for all individuals to use during classes or while they wait.


Checking in and out for classes can be overstimulating for some athletes, so we encourage athletes to come 5 minutes early to check in with reception and advise reception staff if they have any additional needs we can support.

Financial Assistance is also available! See more on the FAQ page or email

If you (or your child) are looking to participate in one of our programs or access our services and would like to arrange for an accommodation, we encourage you reach out to as soon as reasonably possibly so we can discuss accommodations and changes as necessary. 

Knowing about any physical, emotional, social, language or cognitive development needs will help our club ensure all participants can participate in our programs and activities to the fullest extent of their interests and abilities. The request for accommodation process will not require disclosure of any diagnoses or medical information that is not necessary for considering modifications to programming. To ensure appropriate arrangements are in place in a timely manner, requests should be made at the earliest opportunity. Once a Request has been received, a club representative will contact you to review your accessibility needs and develop an accommodation plan.

If you need service in another language or accessible documents, please reach out to We speak English, French, and other languages upon request in the gym. 


Nous parlons Anglais, Francais, et les autre langue dans le salle de gymnastique. Envoyer un courriel a pour plus d'information ou les documents accessible. 

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