Drop In Program

Preschool Drop In

9:00 to 10:00 am – Ages 0 - 4 years


This program is for children ages 0 to 4 years.  Parent supervision is required for every athlete who attends.  

Home School Drop In

10:00 am to 11:00 am – Ages 4+

This program is for home school children ages 4+.  Parent supervision is required for every athlete who attends.

No athlete experience is needed.  Gym and non-gym members are welcome! Fill in a waiver upon first attendance in the program. 

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Adults/parents are NOT allowed on the equipment.  Proper skill training is required to prevent injury in adults.  Adults/parents are allowed to kneel on the tumbl trak to assist a relunctant child or to retrieve them.


Cost is $10 per athlete.  For large groups, a group fee can be accomodated.

Program Description

Athletes will get to use trampolines, crash mats, spring floor, balance beams, and more…. This is a great way to develop gross motor skills and build strength.  It is a great way to use some ENERGY!


Drop-In Rules for All Athletes & Parents:

1. Athletes must be in the age range specified for the drop in class. 
2. Athletes must be accompanied by a parent at all times.  

3. Children over the age of 6 ARE NOT PERMITTED during the pre-school drop-in.
4. Parents may bring more than one child.  Only one adult per athlete should be on the floor at one time.  A second

    parent or older sibling can watch from the viewing area.
5. Babies less than 12 months may come onto the floor during drop-in, but should remain with their parent at all

    times.  Baby carriers and car seats can be brought into the gym and are a good suggestion.  

Drop-In Playtime Gym Rules:

1. Please remain with your athlete(s) AT ALL TIMES.
2. Adults ARE NOT ALLOWED on the equipment
3. Skills that go upside down are only allowed with permission from the coach and under their supervision.  


Tumbl Trak & Trampoline Rules:

1. Only ONE athlete is allowed at a time on the Tumbl Trak or trampolines. 
2. Adults are NOT ALLOWED on the Tumbl Trak or trampolines alone for personal use (only to assist an athlete).
3. Skills that go upside down are NEVER allowed on the Tumbl Trak or Trampolines.
4. Please DO NOT THROW your athlete onto any of our squishy crash mats.


The Role of the Coach:

The role of the drop-in day coach is to make sure that the athletes enjoy themselves and that safety is observed at all times.  It is very important that the coaches rules are followed strictly. The coach is responsible for bringing new equipment out onto the floor.  The focus of the drop in is not on instruction, but play. Coaches may give some instruction on skills, but it is not the focus of the drop-in time.