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CANGYM Badge Program

What is the CANGYM badge program for gymnastics?

This badge program is for ages 6 and up and is designed by Gymnastics Canada.  It lets athletes expand on their skills starting at a beginner level and working towards advanced levels of skill achievement. Class placement is based both on badge level and age.  Athletes in the same class will be working within a range of similar badge levels to each other.

CANGYM is a progressive program that is used in most gymnastics clubs in Canada. It lets your athlete earn badges for their gymnastics achievement in the presence of their instructor. It focuses on the fundamentals of gymnastics while incorporating fitness and fun. There are 14 different coloured badges in the CANGYM program. Each badge consists of approximately 30 different skills. Program skills have been selected to make sure there is a clear progression from one badge to the next, leading to the key skills that are contained in the final badge. The skills in this program are building blocks for more advanced gymnastics, but can also stand alone as excellent recreational level skills.

Progress reports will be given to each individual gymnast at the end of each session. Coaches will complete the progress reports to show which skills the gymnast has “Attempted”, those they are still “Learning” and which he/she has “Mastered”. A participant has completed a badge when he/she has “mastered” each skill in that level. Some badges may take only one session to complete, while some may require multiple sessions.

IMPORTANT:  The first badge, Burgundy, is the only one that requires no experience. All of the other badges require students to have completed the previous level.

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